Manche Menschen glauben, dass Raben Reisende an ihre Ziele begleiten,
andere glauben, dass es Glück bringt wenn man einen Raben sieht,
während andere wiederum glauben, dass eine Schar von Raben ein Zeichen dafür ist,
dass schwierige Zeiten anbrechen!

Lucas Scott
(Chad Michael Murray)


  1. is Rory – #

    Comment – 02. Juni 2009 – 21:04

    Actually, what does this mean/this spell???
    Please- can anybody explain?
    Is this a life wisdom or what?
    It has determined what to mean.
    And, why lucas changed the words
    from the beginning/the end????

    Last-from beginning he said: And a raven right before battle promises victory.

    Last-from ending he said: While more than one raven together, predicts trouble ahead.

    *** confused

    I really hope – let me know what you think ….. many greetings, Rory

  2. is Rory – #

    Comment – 02. Juni 2009 – 21:06

    Ohh, it was season 1 final episode 22

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